If you love having long, glamorous nails but don't want the maintenance of acrylics or your day-to-day lifestyle doesn't suit them, then bespoke press-ons are the answer!


Press-ons are temporary nails that you apply to your natural nail plate using an adhesive (full instructions are provided for long-lasting wear). You can wear them for just an evening out, or for several days. When you're ready to take them off, just soak your hands in warm, soapy water and gently slip them from your nail. Let them dry and then store them safely away for next time.

Treat as carefully as you would any piece of costume jewelry, and you can use them again and again.


There are many talented nail artists providing beautiful press-ons. Where this service differs, is that I don't work from pre-set designs. 

Instead, you book an appointment for a half-hour consultation at my studio. At that appointment, I will fit your hands with the correct size press-on for each nail. We will also discuss what it is you want - colours, textures, effects, designs and embellishments. Because this is a completely custom service, you can let your imagination go wild - many of the options possible with acrylic nails are possible for press-ons too. This includes detailed hand-painting, novelties like aquarium nails, and plenty of 3D bling.

Press-ons are available in a variety of lengths and shapes.


When your consultation is complete, you can go home and relax. Depending on the complexity of your desired design, your press-ons will be available within 1-4 weeks. I will notify you once they are completed, and you can pick them up - or have them mailed to you. It's that easy!