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One week back open and it's clear from all your choices that you couldn't be happier! It feels great to be creating and slaying your nails once more and it's so good to bring to life your joyous moods as we slowly begin to move in the world again. All this colour!

Of course, we all must continue to take precautions in order to prevent another outbreak. Ongoing guidelines for your appointments are as follows:

  • Upon entry, all clients will be required to wash and sterilise your hands using the facilities provided. ⠀⠀

  • Appointments are for clients only; you cannot bring friends, family or children with you.

  • I work from a private location and see one client at a time. All surfaces and tools are cleaned and sterilised between each client. Gloves and mask can be worn at your request. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

  • If you are sick or have been feeling sick, you are required to reschedule your appointment.

Not only this, but there are exciting new changes under way at Get Nailed! I am proud to launch my new "Reparations" allowance - 15% off the total cost of the appointment for all Indigenous, Aboriginal & First Nations people from Australia, the Torres Strait Islands and the Pacific Islands. As a descendant of the colonising race, I benefit from living, working and playing on Aboriginal land. Sovereignty was never ceded. This is one way I am able to participate in the concept of paying the rent to the traditional custodians of the Gadigal land on which I reside, as well as recognise the harm done to all First Nations people through invasion and colonisation.

Expanded cuticle exfoliation techniques have been incorporated into the prep work for both Apres Gel-X Extensions and natural nail services - this means a $10 increase on both, a full set of Apres now being $65 & a natural nail manicure now being $45. The new techniques really make your cuticles and nail bed look incredibly clean and polished, as well as ensuring the best surface for all following services.

But wait, there's more - I have restructured my menu of nail art to make it simpler and easier to navigate! Nail art is so complex in nature, given the wide variety of techniques, tools and time-frames involved! My menu had gotten out of control! So I've stripped it back and once again designed it to allow for your budget. Check it out here.

Finally, I've got loads of awesome new goodies in stock from Australian-owned nail supply businesses Unicorn Lab Nail Supply, Ooh La La Nails & Colour Me Pretty. Everything from awesome decals featuring Lizzo & The Tiger King, designer label stickers, holographic transfers, a variety of glitters and charms, and eight new shades of gorgeously tinted jelly polishes. Can't wait to create new nails with all these lovelies...

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Wow, overnight the world changed, faster than any of us were ready for!

Here's the last set of nails I did before the shutdown of all nail salons was announced! I entitled it 'Fuck A Virus'!

I can't express how upsetting it is to have to put my business on hold. I love my work and not being able to do it is killing me! But I also recognise how vital these measures are to stop the spread of coronavirus. I've got plenty of designs and tutorials I want to work on so I'll still be serving up the hot content and will have more to offer you when the shutdown is lifted and I can go back to work again!

I can't wait! In the meantime, I am taking care of myself as best as I can and I really hope all of you are too. Stay safe and stay connected to one another. We will get through this.

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Apres Gel-X is one of the nail industry's latest innovations and the newest effort to make the process of getting nail extensions quicker, cleaner and easier. They are applied using a pre-fabricated tip that cover the entire nail bed, and a soft gel that adheres the tip to the nail. This method eliminates the need for heavy drilling and filing, as well as the necessity of sculpting the nail shape. The final result is a nail extension that is sturdy, looks incredible, and completed in a fraction of the time.

Additionally, the Apres Gel-X, when properly prepped and applied, look very natural. They fit flush to the cuticle so it looks as though the extension is growing direct from your nail bed! Have a look at the below examples if you need any further convincing to give the Gel-X a try - you can't beat this easy perfection!

A full set of Apres Gel-X Extensions are just $50 (art is extra). BOOK ONLINE NOW.

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