Get Nailed Represents

Here at Get Nailed, I am attempting to bring in an ethical and practical integration of my politics and convictions into my business. My overall aim is to provide incredible and unique nail services in a relaxing and personal environment, focused on inclusivity, community, and fun whilst minimising adverse impact on the environment & society. With this in mind, I make certain provisions to account for client's more complex needs and also offer discounts to members of certain marginalised communities, in recognition of adversities they face. Read on to learn more...

10% Discount for Sex Workers

Sex workers of all kinds are offered a 10% discount off all services at Get Nailed. Grooming is essential in the industry, and the costs quickly stack up, especially in these days post-FOSTA/SESTA. Not a lot of people understand the specific complexities of the industry and how unreliable income can be week to week whilst you still have to look your best. I take a little of the pressure off. Just let me know at your appointment - it's kept confidential.  I already have many sex worker clients and offer a non-judgmental environment where you can be yourself AND get great nails. Plus you will not be subjected to any voyeuristic questions or inappropriate opinions. Just relax and get your nails done without feeling like you have anything to hide.

(This offer is not applicable to owners & operators)

10% Discount for Trans Women on Low Income

Society often presents trans women with enormous challenges to overcome as they pursue an authentic life. These challenges can include homelessness, poverty, difficulty finding stable employment and non-discriminatory services. In addition, trans women often experience greater pressure to spend money altering their appearance to meet cisgendered people's expectations. For those trans women on low incomes who enjoy getting their nails done, I offer 10% off the total cost of your service, making it a little more accessible. In addition, you are guaranteed a safe and non-judgemental environment free from invasive questions.

15% Discount for all Indigenous & First Nations People

As a descendant of the colonising race, I benefit from living, working and playing on Aboriginal land. Sovereignty was never ceded. I would like to make an effort to implement a reparations practice in my business. A small way of paying rent to the traditional custodians, of acknowledging the lasting harm done by colonial invasion, and that I as a white person continue to benefit from the invasion of the British colonisers. To this end, I offer all Indigenous & First Nations people 15% off the total cost of your appointment.

Sensory sensitivities are accounted for

I understand that some people experience sensory processing issues at times. I work from a private space, with just one client in the studio at a time, ensuring a minimum of background noise and stimulation. I use low-lighting in my studio and am happy to switch off the music for your appointment. 

Concessions made for chronic illness & mental health

Operating on a good faith system, I am accommodating of last-minute cancellations and reschedules due to reasons relating to chronic illness, disability and mental health. All I ask is that clients contact me as soon as they are able to let me know and we can take it from there.