Get Nailed Services

A complete list of services available to you at Get Nailed. After making your selection, please go ahead and book your appointment.

Totally Tailored Apres Gel-X Extensions / $65

Includes application of plain gel polish with gloss or matte finish.

Apres Gel-X Extensions are a fast, easy way of getting gorgeous nail extensions with none of the drawbacks of acrylics - drilling, filing, dust, odours. They utilise a pre-fabricated nail tip that is adhered to the natural nail using soft gel. The tips are durable and beautifully arched with a c-curve, can be trimmed and filed easily to your desired shape and are comfortable and light to wear. With the Apres Gel-X System there are no infills - instead they are soaked off and reapplied each time. This is an incredibly fast service with minimal impact on your natural nails.

I take my Aprel Gel-X Extensions application even further by using advanced techniques that ensure a fully customised fit that is flush to the cuticle and seamlessly blended to look as natural and beautiful as can be.

Apres Gel-X Extensions are also versatile, allowing flawless encapsulation effects, nail piercings, novelty nail shapes and all kinds of art techniques. After having worked with Apres Gel-X Extensions the last two years, I have retired my other extension services and strongly recommend clients wanting an alternative to acrylic give this revolutionary system a try. It is my opinion that Gel-X Extensions are the superior long-term option for clients who want beautiful nails.

The Full Service Prep Manicure / $45

Includes application of plain polish with gloss or matte finish.

Get Nailed's one-of-a-kind preparatory manicure draws inspiration from Russian techniques. Cuticles are gently and thoroughly exfoliated for an immaculate result. Skin is polished to remove callouses for a baby smooth touch. Finally, the nail plate is aligned for the picture-perfect surface. Includes application of plain polish with gloss or matte finish.


Please note: Nail Art services are not available separately. They can only be booked in combination with extension services or a manicure. 

The Perfect Ten / $20

The classic French Tip manicure, on Gel-X Extensions or natural nails. 

As guidance for selecting your art level, look at your inspo and consider how many colours and materials have been used, how complex and detailed any painting, how much embellishment there is. Also consider how much you want to pay - I can cater a concept to suit your budget. Then compare to the descriptions below.

A Little Basic / $20

For the simplest nails - two colours maximum designs, basic patterns, chrome effects

Keep It Simple, Sweetie / $40

Amping it up a just a little - up to four colours designs, and effects available

Yeah, Go Off / $60

Up to 6 colour designs, small crystals and charms on up to 4 nails

Stuntin On Them / $80

Up to 8 colour designs, detailed painting on up to 2 nails, small crystals and charms on up to 6 nails

All Snatched Up / $100

Full colour designs, detailed painting on up to 4 nails, small crystals and charms on up to 8 nails

Bringing the Drama / $125

Full colour designs, detailed painting on up to 8 nails, small crystals and charms on up to 10 nails

Come Through Drippin / $150

Full colour designs, detailed painting on up to 10 nails, small crystals and charms on up to 10 nails

Crystal Nails Full Set / $100

Embellishing a nail with genuine Swarovski crystals creates a high impact, high glamour look in a simple, stylish way. Make them gag and go all out for a full set!

Encapsulated Full Set / $100

Utilising the beautiful Apres Gel-X Extension system and captivating glitters - or maybe dried flowers, fragments of shell, fronds of feather. This option can only be booked as an add-on to a Totally Tailored Apres Gel-X Extension Set.

IBX Strengthen & Repair / $10 first treatment ... $5 subsequent treatments

IBX Strengthen & Repair is a revolutionary intense treatment to improve the integrity of the natural nail plate. Applied to weak, thin and damaged nails, it acts like double-sided sticky-tape, fusing the layers of the nail plate together.  When applied to specific targeted damage, such as white spots, delamination, splitting and peeling, IBX seals these areas, allowing nails to grow out past damage. The IBX system enables even very damaged nails to become stronger, longer and healthier. Read more about this amazing system here


The number of IBX treatments you require will depend on how damaged your natural nails are.  I can assist you with an assessment and recommendations. An IBX treatment is an add-on service to a gel manicure. 


Most of the damage done to nails occurs during removal. This process is often rushed, and the product is not allowed sufficient time to breakdown so it comes easily away from the nail. Correct removal services are essential for maintaining the health of your nails - and the healthier your nails, the better your polish and extensions last. Removals can be found as an add-on on the booking form once you have selected your primary service.

Acrylic & SNS Removal / $25

As both SNS  and acrylic are difficult products to break down, they require a minimum 30 minutes soaking time in acetone to safely remove without doing damage to the nail. 

Apres Gel-X Removal / $20

Apres Gel-X breaks down completely in twenty minutes of soaking time and then comes cleanly off the nail.

Gel Polish Removal / $15

Gel polish must also be properly broken down to avoid damaging the nail. 

o2 Nail Printing / $5 per nail

High quality digital printing using the latest technology from o2 Nails, with their specially designed printer - after prepping your nail, it takes just 30 seconds to print any design you like - including favourite photos & art works. The printer syncs via wifi with iPhone, and the design is printed directly onto your nail! It’s a fantastic feature to combine with other nail art options. 

Bling It Up / $20

For adding a few small crystals and charms to A Little Basic, Keep It Simple, Sweetie & The Perfect Ten.