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Celebrity Nails in 2019

For the latest trends and inspiration, it's always fun to check out what kind of nails your favourite celeb has been rocking on the red carpet this year. Nail art is more mainstream than ever, and lots of Hollywood A-listers have gorgeously decked-out talons for a complete head-to-toe look. Let's have a peek at some of the cutest styles of late...

Kylie Jenner set off a colourful trend wave when she posted this photo of neon stars against nude on her way to Coachella.

It's been a popular request to nail artists from across the globe every since!

Fresh and festive in these bright colours, it can also be designed in pastels, monochromatic, against a chrome background, or any number of other variations.

In its simplest form, this is a $20 design, under 'Basic Patterns'.

Arianna Grande looks absolutely adorable in this backstage pic, sporting a hot cow print design on her nails!

While leopard and tiger print have always been popular in fashion, more unusual choices regular cycle through the trends. Cow print is another look that captures the imagination of many - bold, eye-catching and different, it's a playful way to stand out.

This style of art is categorised under Popular Basics - Animal Print, and is a $20 design.

Rita Ora hopped on the jelly nail trend with this bright, rainbow-spectrum manicure, topped off with sparkling crystals.

The jelly look kicked off last year and is still going strong - it's perfect for creating many stylish, fun and memorable looks.

For a basic look like this using transluscent polishes and a few studded crystals, it's categorised as Simple Art and costs $20 to make your fingertips sparkle.

Naturally Rihanna brought another show-stopping fashion moment when she took the gemstone trend to another level.

Rose quartz, turquoise and amethyst have been incredibly popular nail looks for a while now, but Rihanna opted to try a unique jade look to match some of her jewelry and accessories.

These gemstone designs are versatile and high impact, and all kinds of gems can be achieved with different colour ways.

Categorised under Marble in the Popular Basics, this is another $20 design with high impact.

Of course, that's hardly all - but now that you've got a little inspo, why not book in for your own set of red-carpet ready nails!

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