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IBX IS HERE - Nirvana for Natural Nails!

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

I am so thrilled to announce I now offer the incomparable "IBX Strengthen & Repair" system to my clients who love best to rock their natural nails!

IBX Strengthen & Repair is a revolutionary intense treatment to improve the integrity of the natural nail plate. Applied to weak, thin and damaged nails, it acts like double-sided sticky-tape, fusing the layers of the nail plate together. When applied to specific targeted damage, such as white spots, delamination, splitting and peeling, IBX seals these areas, allowing nails to grow out past damage. The IBX system enables even very damaged nails to become stronger, longer and healthier.

This treatment is ideal for clients who are struggling to achieve healthy natural nails because of prior damage related to lifestyle and labour, compulsive behaviours (like biting and picking) or poorly executed nail services. The image below is of one of my clients who has sustained damage to the surface of the nail plate caused by careless gel polish removal at another salon. As the nail grows out, this damage gets closer to the free edge, increasing the likelihood of the client tearing or breaking a nail. As according to IBX instructions, her nails were not clipped, filed or otherwise modified prior to IBX application.

The lower image was taken just ten minutes after the first image - immediately following her first application of IBX. Already the visible damage has been greatly reduced, as the IBX treatment has fused together the damaged and pitted upper layers. Nothing else has been done to these nails besides the application of IBX and the photos have not been modified or edited in any way.

Depending on the level of damage, clients may require anywhere from 1-12 applications of IBX, but even the most severe damage can be tackled with enough patience. The beauty of IBX is that it gives your nails enough reinforced strength to grow out past damage.

What this means is that you can grow your nails longer, and they will be much stronger - this increases your options for nail art, as well as ensures your nail art will last longer too.

Take a look through the gallery below to see the incredible results of IBX - these are all official images of real clients from IBX's social media, and have not been altered or edited in any way.

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