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IBX Strengthen & Repair - client progress!

A few months ago I announced the launch of IBX Strengthen & Repair at Get Nailed - an incredible system for strengthening and repairing damaged nails that really works!

I now have many clients following a course of IBX treatments, who have nails at various levels of damage and at various levels of progress. All are noticing quick and impressive changes in their nails are loving what this system does!

Today I want to show the progress of just two of my IBX clients, with their most recent photos taken this week.

The first is Emily, a chronic nail-biter since childhood. Emily has a long way to go until her nails are truly strong and healthy as they were very severely damaged. But the progress she has made has been amazing since her first treatment in April.

She actually has a free-edge now! And her nails' natural c-curve is beginning to develop. Her nails are not as flat and her sidewalls are less-receded. In addition, the nails have grown thicker and are less ridged.

Her cuticles are also not overgrowing and are in far healthier condition - Emily has been applying her Dadi cutcile oil religiously and this has absolutely assisted in the whole process, keeping her cuticles and nails well-hydrated and conditioned, allowing them to self-regulate as they are supposed to.

While Emily's nails are still weak, thin and flat, they have come so far since April. We are both so excited to see what progress continues to happen over the coming months of treatment. I am confident in time her nails will be truly healthy and strong and she will have kicked the nail-biting habit for good!

When clients have a compulsive habit like this, breaking it is very hard so recognition must be given to Emily's commitment to the whole process. Her focus on not biting has contributed hugely to the terrific progress her nails have made and is crucial for the best results.

The second client is Nikki, whose nails had sustained chronic damage also from picking and biting, as well as a vicious cycle of acrylics that damaged nails can't support. This is another common challenge for those with badly damaged nails - they get acrylics to protect their nails, but the nails are not strong enough and the acrylics get torn and pulled off, causing more damage! She made a huge effort to grow them out for her first appointment (this is not necessary, I just thought it was very sweet)!

As with Emily, Nikki's nails' natural c-curve is now beginning to develop and her sidewalls are deepening. Her nail plate has thickened and is no longer lifting away towards the free-edge. Nikki's nails are very brittle and this dry weather has not treated them kindly - but she has also been dedicated with her Dadi cuticle oil, and hydration has made a huge difference!

As Nikki's nails have gotten stronger, her polish no longer chips in between appointments and her nails are no longer simply breaking as soon as they reach the free-edge. More treatments are required, but this is another case I am confident will lead to amazing lasting results.

IBX treatments are an add-on service to gel manicures AND Apres Gel-X Extensions. Why not book now? The best nails of your life really are possible!

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