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Introducing the Apres Gel-X Extension System

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

The future of nail enhancements is here at Get Nailed!

I am thrilled to announce I now offer the revolutionary new extension system, Apres Gel-X - a way of achieving beautiful nail extensions that are durable and lasting - in a fraction of the time as acrylics, and with none of the drawbacks!

Front view of freshly applied Gel-X

The Apres Gel-X system utilises a pre-fabricated nail tip that is adhered to the natural nail using soft gel. The tips are durable and beautifully arched with a c-curve, can be trimmed and filed easily to your desired shape and are comfortable and light to wear. They last between 2-3 weeks and do not require infilling - instead the existing set is soaked off, and a fresh set is fitted and applied.

This super speedy, efficient service has NO odour and NONE of the dust that comes with acrylic. There is also NO drilling or excessive filing. This means the impact on your natural nails is minimal, ensuring your nails stay healthy and strong.

Side view of freshly applied Gel-X

Applying a full set of Apres Gel-X Extensions takes just a half an hour - leaving a great deal more time to spend on nail art, overall shortening your appointment length. Even when adding twenty minutes to soak off an existing set, the Apres Gel-X System is a far quicker option than acrylic infills and would be ideal for those who want to focus more on nail art, or for whom time is an issue.

The Apres Gel-X System is a quick, hygienic, safe and convenient way to lengthen your nails instantly. It's comparable to acrylic in durability and appearance and can be decorated just as easily. I will be encouraging all of my acrylic clients to consider giving this system a trial run, with a view of converting over. I see the nail industry moving further in the direction of new technologies like this and it's time to embrace them - and reap the benefits of the easier and more convenient options they allow.

Here's a demo video of the Apres Gel-X Extension System in action from Apres Official - check it out to see how it works! And then - BOOK IN to give it a try!

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