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Nails of the Month - Queer Flagging

The cutest butch-femme dyke couple came to pay me a visit recently and their nails reflect their identities, lifestyles and personal aesthetics just perfectly!

One of the great pleasures of my job is making the nails perfectly fit the client, a truly integrated part of their look, that affirms the image they want to present and gives them a feeling of satisfaction and joy!

When queer clients come in, I get even more excited, as we have so many ways of coding and flagging and symbolising the nuances of our queerness in apparel and style. It's a great opportunity to exercise some creativity.

The beautiful butch likes her polish staggered across her nails for a unique vibe. The naked nails have been manicured, fortified with a couple of coats of missu Strengthener and topped off with a matte finish. Petrol blue is enhanced with subtle black geometric detailing.

Meanwhile, the gorgeous femme naturally needed bubblegum-candy claws in two favourite shades of pink, blocked for maximum impact. But being a babe in deep love, she still needs functionality on her dominant hand for the sake of her girlfriend. The first three fingers are trimmed short and rounded off nice and smooth. Always play safe!

Such a treat to have two such divine people in the studio! Why not book in for a couples date yourselves?

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