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Nails of the Month - Unicorn Magic

As I prepare to launch a custom press-on option here at Get Nailed, I've been busily making examples to show people just how diverse, creative and ornate nails have the potential to be!

Like these absolutely stunning hand-painted unicorn nails, a celebration of pastel rainbow and sparkling aurora, as well as those mythical beasts that have so captured our imagination for centuries.

A combination of techniques are used to achieve a set like this. The unicorn is carefully hand-painted using gel polishes, a matte top coat enhancing each detail. Crystals and charms are applied one by one and sealed with jewelry gel. Aurora pigment is used over a white base, contrasting textures adding depth. The horn nail is sculpted using 4D Gel.

This is a particularly decadent set, conjuring every unicorn fantasy my client (and me!) has, but designs can always be modified to simpler alternatives. The beauty of working with a skilled nail artist is knowing you can have your nails customised to your exact desires. The end result - wearable art that is unique.

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