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o2 Nail Printing - High Definition & Full Colour!

In the latest exciting news at Get Nailed, I can now offer high definition, full colour image printing - directly onto your nails!

This latest technology is incredibly exciting and quite mind-blowing - you can have any image you desire printed onto your nails - from patterns and pictures, celebrities, loved ones - even pets! You're really only limited by your imagination!

The high-tech printer is specially designed for nails. It syncs over wifi with the o2 app and from there, I can upload, resize and adjust the image of your choice. The printer has a clip to gently lock your finger in place, and the internal camera enables me to ensure you are positioned correctly for printing.

The prints themselves take only 30 seconds and are incredibly high quality! Have a look at some of the designs I've done, featuring Amanda Lepore, Nicki Minaj, and a set of mermaid-themed nails!

I'm especially known for the wild designs I do, but incorporating printed images into nail art can also be as simple as you prefer - together, we can achieve the nails you dream of!

I'm currently the only tech/artist in Sydney offering the o2 Nails printing service, so get ahead of the crowd and have nails that truly stand out as unique! Prices start at $5 per nail, combined with my other services - select the style of nail you want (acrylic, 4D gel, Apres Gel-X, natural) and o2 Nail options will appear. BOOK ONLINE NOW!

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