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The Perfect Pedicure

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

I'm pleased to announce I now offer deluxe pedicures in my range of services!

Pedicures are the most indulgent and relaxing of nail services. They leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and walking on a cloud. My experience as both a recipient and a service provider has defined the ideal pedicure in my opinion, and that is what I offer.

I perform a dry pedicure, as this is more sanitary and enables superior polish adhesion. Here's a great article with more information about why waterless pedicures are better for you.

First, your feet are given an anti-bacterial spray, and I wear gloves for the duration of the service.

A callus peel treatment is applied to the soles of your feet, then nails are clipped, filed and shaped. The callus peel is removed, and soles of the feet are buffed first with a coarse file and then a smooth one, to leave them feeling completely soft and silky. 

Legs and feet are then treated to a thorough salt scrub containing peppermint, tea tree and geranium oil, sloughing away dead skin. When this is removed, a soothing masque is applied for deep hydration and nourishment. While this is working, I clean and prep cuticles.

After the masque is removed, your refreshed feet are given a thorough massage with an intensive moisturising lotion. We all know the massage is the best part of the service, so I take my time. Finally, toe nails are polished with your choice of colour and cuticle oil is applied.

Another benefit to getting a pedicure with me is the privacy and comfort you can enjoy. Far from a noisy, rushed, chaotic salon, you can put your feet up in my private studio and enjoy solitude - calm, relaxing and personal. If getting a pedicure has been feeling more like a chore than a luxury lately - why not book in with me and be reminded how pampering it should be!

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